About Us

We are the "Un-Agency"


Illustrated Man enjoys a unique niche among advertising and marketing agencies - its business model is based on efficiencies and in-house production, instead of retainers, excessive account service billing, and outside production markups. This allows for the highest quality work, at lower prices. Although it is a full service advertising and marketing agency, the company also boasts complete in-house production in all media including 8 broadcast camera units (including HD and BETA-SP), an insert (sound) stage for video and still shoots, two digital video editing suites, a digital audio suite, talk booth, Art Department with in-house web production, dedicated Project Manager, and our own web servers, located in St. Louis Missouri.


In 1992, Illustrated Man was formed by four partners as a foray into the digital media realm. The company worked closely with Apple Computer on a national basis in transitioning video editing into a computer-based task, and was a leader in digital audio production, digital video editing, and DVD authoring. In 1995, with a new President, who transitioned the company to an advertising/marketing agency specializing in new media , providing scientifically-based advertising and marketing excellence via high-tech tools.

The company’s dedication to research and cutting-edge advertising and marketing technologies is well recognized. Illustrated Man is consulted nationally as experts in digital media; for Blu-Ray DVD, HD video, digital audio, & Web 2.0. The company promotes the marriage of higher education and advertising - much of its staff is appointed as adjunct professors at the area’s most respected colleges and universities.